In Line with Govennment Guidance and Ruling we will be fully open once again in all aspects

as below

(extracted from

You do not need to stay 2 Metres apart and there are no limits on the amount of people you meet

You should though, meet outdoors where possible and let fresh air into enclosed spaces

The requirement to wear face masks has been lifted    (Venue specific)

There are no longer limits on the number of people who can attend life events (weddings etc) with no table service restrictions or on singing or dancing

there are no restrictions on group sizes attending communial worship


COVID-19 has not gone away

Please remember to keep yourself and others safe


Our Covid historic actions

Update at 14th March 2021

We continue to follow both Government and other guidance

this is clarified by advice from

ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England)

clicking the link will take you to that guidance

We are all getting there

In that respect, our ability to keep the Hall open may change at short notice but we will update this website as soon as possible if that changes.


 WE are OPEN

at this point in time and in keeping with the advice  ...

As a Venue following COVID-19 secure guidelines we may still open

as we cater for a Pre-School and also act as a place of worship for the RCCG church

Other groups and activities will be able to operate within the hall once again.

These will be phased back in as the guidance and 4 step roadmap permits.

This virus is still around

Little Waltham Memorial Hall

FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND                      

UPDATED 3-9-2021

COVID-19  Please Act Sensibly

Annual General Meeting
held - July 2023

report to follow


We are a



We look forward to seeing you !

Covid is losing the fight           WE'RE OPEN       We're all on our way back


Second hand books have been placed in the Entrance porch of the hall.

These are for everyone to browse, read and replace or donate your own.

Please note: all book covers are being 'cleaned' as we understand and should anyone wish to add to the box we respectfully ask that you do the same with the safety of the future reader in mind.

We will take this opportunity to say THANK YOU

to those who instigated this facility, it was a grand gesture and seems to be well received by the locality.

Previously    As of 1st August 2020

We are pleased to say , Little Waltahm Memorial Hall is NOW OPEN once again.

At the moment we have restricted the use to  groups of our regular users

unless by special arrangement with the Committee

We have conducted a thorough COVID-19 RISK ASSESSMENT

and identified our areas of risk and what we should action

these are

The Hall has been subjected to DEEP CLEANING

We have installed HAND SANITISERS, ALCOHOL GEL DISPENSERS and GLOVES along with other items for the use of our users.

There is a ONE WAY system in place in an area where it may be more difficult to maintain social distancing

We have SPECIAL CONDITIONS of HIRE in place to

advise and direct about



We have codes of practice and rotas covering our



We have placed INSTRUCTIONAL POSTERS to assist your movements


We have MARKED OUT the floor area with 1.5 mtr DISTANCING



that have been separated for EMERGENCY USE

This is to hopefully ensure that you can be confident that the premises do not present any danger of Covid infection in so far as we can control it.

We continue to be available for contact if you have any questions or suggestions

that you may you wish us to consider.

Please see our contact page for ways to do this

Update at 3rd July 2021

As we continue for the moment in another extention to the lockdown rules as they currently stand

we have been ensuring our procedures are still actively in place to allow continued opening.

Rules of distancing and capacity numbers are by now common knowledge to all

but if unsure then please contact one of our committee mebers who will help

Our Current Calendar (linked on the right side bar on our pages) shows up to date usage

and vacant slots

Please contact Cheryl our booking secretary if you want to enquire about hiring

                                                               RECENT INTENTIONS and THEIR PROGRESS

PLEASE SEE BELOW an update of our dedication to fulfil our promises to our users

As we are all aware the threat of the Corona Virus is dictating the way we live our lives, at least for the forseeable future. The effects of this are wide and varied and we all must hope that the situation can be resolved speedily, especially if this will minimise the sad losses of life we are experiencing.

The members of the committee here at Little Waltham Memorial Hall wish that everyone will stay safe and will get through this awful time.

Our reaction to the government call to close our venue was swiftly carried out and hope that, by doing so, we have contributed in helping to prevent the spread of this calous virus.

As we are now confident that you, our hirers and users, can once again be safe in this public meeting place, we have opened once again.  We are obviously keeping a very close watch on all developments in this respect and will take the lead from our Government as to ny directions we receive.

In the meantime, we have, within the confines of social distancing, made progress with small improvements and other aspects. We hope these  will benefit the hall and our users.  Trying to make the most of the 'down time' we have now completed the following tasks

  • Re-surfacing work on the Main hall floor                  - COMPLETED
  • Lighting improvement in The Elliott Room              -  COMPLETED
  • Filling and levelling the rear grassed area                  - COMPLETED
  • Improving sineage around the building                      - COMPLETED
  • Updating and improving our Internet Wifi facility     - COMPLETED
  • Improving our profile on this Website  -  COMPLETED AND CONTINUALLY IMPROVING

  • We have ALSO  had a complete lifting and re-laying of the front steps to MINIMISE RISK of TRIP and FALL
  • We are in the progress of having the REAR WHITE WALLS RE-PAINTED making the exterior cleaner and more welcoming
  • Internally the TABLE STORAGE has been MADE SAFER
  • We have INSTALLED FENCING and a NEW GATE at the FIRE EXIT from the ELLIOTT ROOM as a safety measure for when the children of the Pre-School return

We have many more tasks to carry out in the future which we hope will improve the facilities for everyone's benefit. They will be listed as projects on our 'About Us' page on this site. That, however, is also currently one of the tasks to be addressed and will be available in the very near future for you to view.

Update at 1st May 2021 

We are well prepared for the 17th May when some of our User Groups can come back and use the Hall

See our current Calendar

WELCOME BACK to you all

Indoor Bowls Club

coming back from 17th

in on Mondays at 2.00 p.,m

Also the ever popular

Saturday morning

Line Dancing group

from 22nd

If you want to shake off some lockdown dust

come along and join them